How to choose decorative cosmetics?

The choice of decorative cosmetics, we sometimes do not take enough enough. Seeing an advertisement, some remedy from a friend or in a shop window, we acquire cosmetics that attracted attention. Often the purchase is useless. In vain spent means is not the worst result, decorative cosmetics can cause beauty and health serious harm. It is worth using the recommendations of specialists for choosing these products.

To make sure as decorative cosmetics, to exclude allergic reactions will help testing. Do not purchase the product right away. It is necessary to apply a little foundation or blush to the bend of the elbow and wait for at least two hours. If the skin did not turn red, itching, rashes, the remedy suitable for you.

Every woman knows what shadows, lipstick is suitable for her makeup. When choosing a color, you do not need to be limited to inspection. It is advisable to apply a little remedy to the palm in the area under the thumb to make sure that the shade is the one that is needed. You can purchase cosmetics without preliminary verification if you use the means of a particular company and you know the tone number.

Any cosmetic product must have a uniform composition. There are no suspicious inclusions, lumps in quality products.

You can choose the right cosmetics only if you know the properties of all components. It is worth spending time studying this information. You can write a “remark” and carry it with you.

You need to purchase decorative cosmetics in specialized stores, where there are certificates for goods, storage conditions are observed. It is important to get acquainted with the shelf life of funds, since it is dangerous to use overdue cosmetics.

When choosing, it is advisable to focus on the products of well -known manufacturers, which can no longer doubt.

Famous American, French, Japanese, German decorative cosmetics are now quite accessible to every consumer.