The effect of food additives on your health

Many modern foods – semi -finished products, ready for use, smoked meats, salins, various kinds of pastries and canned food – contain artificial substances. Various additives – dyes, preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, flavors and others – are used to enhance taste, increase storage, simplification of cooking, etc. D.

Unscrupulous food manufacturers can use even prohibited supplements, without informing consumers about the content of various carcinogens, chemical and hazardous substances. Substances such as, for example, benzoates, cause disorders from the gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions, asthma bouts, an increase in cholesterol, cause damage to the kidneys and liver, weaken the immune system.

Various flavors and dyes can lead to even more disastrous consequences: frequent headaches, weakness, disorders in the work of the immune system, aggressiveness, allergic rashes.

Conserviers used by manufacturers of products, conservation of taste, color and freshness can even form carcinogenic and toxic substances in the stomach.

Preservatives and anti -oxiditators are the most harmful nutritional supplements, since they violate biochemical reactions. Conserviers create an environment in products in which the development of bacteria is impossible (no, therefore, due to them, the life of the “life” of products is lengthened). Now imagine what these additives are doing in your body? Since the mass of a person is quite large (compared to food products), preservatives cannot completely “kill” all bacteria, but if a fairly large number of them gets into your body, then the consequences of their use can become very deplorable.

Antioxidants are generally capable of causing the development of cancer cells, so conclusions to you and only you.

The best way to avoid additives and dyes in your diet is to cook food yourself, from fresh products. Yes, prepared a dish or a semi -finished product to cook faster, but it is much better for your health to eat fresh vegetables seasoned with herbs and spices. Perhaps this will not help to completely get rid of harmful additives, but to reduce the consumed quantity will help for sure.

And the table of food additives below will help you better orient in the composition of the products that you eat:

E100-E182 dyes;

E200-E299 Conservatives;

E300-E399 Antioxillers;

E400-E499 Stabilizers, thickeners;

E500-E599 emulsifiers;

E600-E699 taste amplifiers;

E800-e899 Spare indexes;


And remember, we are what we eat! Do not poison your body voluntarily!