Surrogate motherhood what you need to know about the program?

Variations of surrogate motherhood have been known since ancient times. Why variations? It is clear that then it was not a question of fertilization in a test tube, and the maids were nurtured a child for barren couples. Today the method has much improved. In addition to the fact that the married couple has the opportunity to give birth to a biologically native baby, and a surrogate mother will receive a decent reward for her work.

Surrogate motherhood is an effective way to combat infertility in which their parents take germ cells, fertilize them in a test tube and plant them into a woman’s cavity that will bear the baby. Couples who take such a step have no other chances. It is clear that the opportunity to conceive, endure and give birth to a baby do not have. Therefore, a woman who is called to help performs a heroic act.

Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine: the price and payment of a surrogate mother

For surrogate motherhood in Ukraine, the price is quite high, but even this does not scare barren couples. The desire to create a full -fledged family motivates to find money and become a participant in the latest technology. Surrogate mom gets about 20 thousand. Euro. In addition to remuneration, a woman provides comfortable accommodation, balanced diet, new clothes and everything necessary for a happy pregnancy. All expenses, including the services of psychologists, lawyers and medical centers are taken by the parents of the future baby.

Please note that in Ukraine this method is allowed at the legislative level. In this case, the amount of payment for the services of the Surmam is not limited. We are one of the few countries where it is possible to conduct a substitute for bearing a child. This leads to the fact that foreign couples often become customers of Ukrainian clinics, who can pay well and create the best pregnancy conditions

Centers of surrogate motherhood

If you are already looking for information on request: "Ukraine surrogate motherhood", then they drew attention to a large number of clinics and agencies that are ready to take on the organization of the process. Cooperation with such institutions is the key to a successful and safe program. Do not try to go to such a responsible step yourself. One of the best centers – "I am a mother" Performs the following tasks:

consulting on all issues

ensuring high -quality legal, medical and psychological services

Monitoring compliance with the contract by the parties

guarantees of anonymity, timely payment and good conditions for the surge

Selection of the best medical clinics

Support 24 hours a day

Support in the person of the employees of the center is very important. Cooperating with agencies, you receive an assistant and adviser for the next 9 months.