8 steps to clean skin

Skin on the face

Pure face skin suggests that you carefully and regularly take care of it, use high -quality care products, eat correctly and lead a healthy lifestyle.

If there are still some problems and you cannot boast of the ideal condition of the skin, you should become more attentive and take care of yourself with a vengeance.

Clean skin:

In order for you to always have clean face skin, you should use cosmetic masks of clay, which has the ability to gently and carefully cleanse the skin at a deep level, saturate it with minerals and salts, which contribute to its smoothing, tightening, and save your face from wrinkles.

Step 1: For example, you can do facial massage using cosmetic clay. To do this, take dry white clay and dilute it with a small amount of water. During facial massage, a mechanical peeling is performed, which effectively removes old and keratinized cells, while acting softly, causing irritation and painful sensations.

Step 2: Or use clay for masks that can improve metabolic processes, accelerate biostimulation, improve sweating, which quickly removes toxins and toxins from deep skin tissues. To make such a mask is quite simple – a small clay plate is heated to a certain temperature and then applied to the surface of the skin. Due to the tight contact of the mask and skin, the processes of regeneration and purification begin to occur.

Step 3: Using gray clay, clean skin will increase its protective functions, and if there are any errors, in the form of wrinkles or inflammation, will save you from them. This type of clay strongly stimulates the skin, tones it and moisturizes it.

Step 4: When using black clay, your clean face skin will noticeably tighten and wrinkles will be angry. This clay is distinguished by therapeutic properties that help get rid of black circles under the eyes, levels the entire complexion of the face, greatly pulls up the skin.

Pure face skin

Step 5: Not everyone has awarded the face with clean skin, some have troubles in the form of acne and acne. Yellow clay will help you get rid of them, which includes a large amount of iron and potassium, which quickly remove toxins, remove foci of infection on the skin, saturate deep skin tissues with blood and oxygen.

Step 6: There are allergic manifestations on the skin, expressed in redness, dryness and irritation. Red clay helps to rid you of these problems. It is a natural antiseptic, a good blood circulation stimulator. Many means for the prevention of skin diseases contain precisely red clay.

Step 7: But the skin, which suffers from excessive fat, is perfectly suitable for green clay, which normalizes the release of fat, cleanses the cells and pulls them up, narrows the pores, enhances regeneration and tones the cells.

Step 8: With the help of blue clay, the clean skin of the face will acquire additional protection, its active substances have a tonic property, carry out preventive actions to detect and remove infection, which can be deep in the skin layer.

With the help of such masks, your clean face skin will always be perfect, well -groomed and you will not have any problems with its appearance and condition.