Anorexia is a fairly serious psychological disease, which is mostly characterized by an obsession with their weight, patients try to refrain from food by any means and they constantly have fear in weight gain. Young women and young women are mainly ill with anorexia nervous, in the main group of people, a category can be attributed to the main self -esteem and at the same time this is a group of people who are too demanding on their appearance.

Anorexia is a serious disease, the main symptoms of the disease are self -restraint to eating or eating a large amount of food, after which vomiting is artificially caused.

Anorexia treatment according to the author’s methodology today is gaining popularity.

If you talk about the exact causes of the development of this serious nervous disease, then today they have not yet been clarified, but there are risk factors that can increase the likelihood of developing the disease.

Such factors will be able to attribute age, that is, most often this disease is observed in girls and young women. As we have already said, the disease develops, if there is an increased concern for our own weight. Systematic compliance with diets can also cause anorexia development.