Wedding on the ship

A trip on the ship is quite large, much big, if the newlyweds decide to make a marriage right on his board. The possibilities of such a choice are extremely great – up to one and a half thousand guests can be placed on board. And “the scenery will constantly change, not having time to get bored.

Does this idea have other advantages? Undoubtedly. Just imagine how different the photos taken in the restaurant and on board will be. The gain of the latter and in natural light, by the way.

Banquet on the ship will not yield to the restaurant. In addition to a comprehensive festive lunch, the ship personnel will provide a variety of entertainment. It goes without saying that for the wedding the ship will be decorated – it can be balls, flowers and fabrics. Among other possibilities are a fire show, contests, salutes, lanterns, a disco, etc.

By the way, if there is a chance of bad weather, it is better to choose a vessel with comfortable banquet halls, or with a deck that is protected from bad weather and has its own heating.

Marine disease should not be afraid if the bottom of the ship is flat.