5 bold swimwear of this summer

There is not much time left before the onset of summer – perhaps the most long -awaited time of the year for both adults and children. Bright and sunny summer is the time of vacations, holidays and, of course, an unforgettable beach holiday. It’s time to think about buying a fashionable swimsuit that will help you not only feel comfortable, but also demonstrate all the advantages of your figure in a profitable light. What swimsuits will be the most trendy this summer?

TOP-5 fashionable swimwear of summer 2015

Summer 2015 pleasantly pleases fashionistas with a huge variety of stylish bathing suits that combine femininity and frankness, convenience and indefatigable design fantasy. There are no almost any restrictions – you can purchase an exquisite retro -style model, seductive lace or knitted swimsuit or an excellent product in a classic style. The most fashionable bathing costumes 2015 can be found in the largest online stores – for example, on the website of Lamoda Yua, which is a recognized headliner in the Ukrainian online market. Do not forget to get acquainted with the list of current promotional codes of Lamoda Yua, with which you can get an excellent discount on a designer swimsuit.

Speaking about fashionable swimsuits of this season, one can distinguish the top 5 most popular and popular models of bathing suits that should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. The first and most fashionable bathing suit in the top 5 of the brightest trends of this season was a retro bush-its characteristic features are panties with an overstated waist and a wide bodice that resembles, rather, a top. The time has long passed when the designers advised the girls to withstand the top and the bottom of the swimsuit in one tone – today all parts of the swimsuit can be completely different shades.

With all the variety of modern models, the second place of the top 5 of the most popular swimsuits 2015 are traditional whole models, tankini and monokini. The models of whole swimwear this year are richly decorated – transparent lace inserts, fringe, ruffles or feminine ribbons. Therefore, having opted for a stylish model of a whole swimsuit, you definitely will not go unnoticed.

If you are not only sunbathing on the beach, but also actively playing beach games – the perfect option for you will be to buy a convenient swimmer in a sports style that takes third place in the top 5 most fashionable bathing costumes of this year. Sports models will give you maximum comfort while playing volleyball, while swimming or just walks on the evening beach.

Fans of extraordinary and unusual design models should attract original models of bathing suits with a geometric pattern. It is this model of a swimsuit that takes the fourth place of the 2015 fashionable top 5. As a rule, bathing suits with a similar pattern are made in various, saturated colors, among which the most attention is given to: black, red, yellow, blue, purple, etc.D. The pattern of such a bathing suit can be made by numbers, triangles, rhombuses and other geometric figures, and also decorated with stylish cutouts.

For lovers of a more restrained and romantic way, an elegant lace bathing suit, which ends the fashionable top of women’s swimsuits of this season. Graceful lace of pastel shades, elegant decoration with stones and rhinestones – will make your image not only romantic, but unforgettable.

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