Homemade ice cream of coconut water with blueberries and mint

Ice cream is undoubtedly the most favorite treat of almost all children and so many adults. And if you are afraid to get sick by tasting ice cream on a hot day, then know that many otolaryngologists recommend regularly eating a small amount of ice cream in order to prevent the development of tonsillitis, as well as exacerbation of chronic pharyngitis and other diseases, because ice cream arranges for our throat “hardening” and makes it The mucous membrane is not so sensitive to temperature differences. What types of ice cream have not invented humanity for several millennia of the history of this delicacy – from tomato and celery to fish, garlic and even ice cream with pork slacks! But in our current culinary master class we will not fall to the extremes, but we offer you a very simple recipe for ice cream from coconut water with blueberries and crumpled. In order to prepare homemade ice cream from coconut water with blueberries and mint, you will need: coconut water – 375 mlims – 20 leafkovmod – 1 t. l. Blueberries – 200 G to make homemade ice cream according to our video recipient, you need to add blueberries and mint to the blender and pure these ingredients. Then add coconut water and honey. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and pour the finished mass into ice cream molds. Take the ice cream in the freezer, and after 4 hours you can enjoy the truly summer fresh taste of your ice cream with blueberries and crumpled.