Almag is a device that is used in therapeutic treatment of diseases, as well as in case of violation in the musculoskeletal system.

The Almag-01 device is formed for treatment, the procedures of which, the patient can perform independently and at home.

Almag is based on healing therapy, which applies the movement of the pulse-magnetic field. The action of the magnetic field, which is produced on the human body, is the device of the Almag-01, continuously moving, preventing the response of the control systems in the human body. These pulses, from Almag-1, deepen into the fabric by 6-8 cm.

However, it is not sad, but Almag 01 is endowed with a number of contraindications. Such contraindications include a period that is characterized by inflammatory in diseases; hypotension, preoperative pus, cardiac ischemia, brain circulation dysfunction, pregnancy, cancerous diseases, the presence of implant-pacifier-pacifier.

In all other situations, Almag-01 operates effectively for healing medicinal purposes.

A large number of people today suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as from diseases of the cardiovascular system, such people need to use the magnetotherapy “Almag” device.

The manufacturer of these products is the Elataman Device Plant, briefly called as “Elamed”.

Briefly about the Elamed plant, this is a present modern plant for the development of the latest medical devices.