Healing properties of honey

Honey is a unique product, it has an extremely high content of natural sugars, from the total composition of honey they are from 75 to 79 percent. Of these, only five percent are represented by complex sugars, in the vast majority it is sucrose, and 70 percent are allocated for simple sugar in the form of levelas, dextrose, glucose and fructose. The remaining 1-5 percent divide other beneficial substances and minerals.

Most of all we are familiar with yellow honey, but he has many different shades, from light to dark brown, it all depends on the nectar from which it was produced. The more honey was withstanded, the more saturated his color. When buying a restrained honey, you can even cure meningitis, naturally it needs to be consumed together with other drugs.

Differs in honey and smell. Since the bees collect nectar from different colors, respectively, aromatic substances are peculiar, then honey will always smell in different ways.

In consistency, honey is thick, liquid almost dense and even solid. The density of honey is determined by the level of the content of leftovelose and glucose, as well as the number of fluids present in honey and the temperature of its storage.

Honey is an energetically valuable product, and that’s all, because it has a lot of rapidly absorbed natural sugars, which is why honey is an indispensable substance for athletes: to digest it, the body does not need to spend extra efforts. Also fructose is great for diabetics. Due to the antibiotics contained in honey, it is able to significantly increase the resistance of our body with infections.

It is useful with peptic ulcer of the stomach and hepatitis. Honey also eliminates the gastrointestinal tract disorders, restores the natural intestinal microflora and has a laxative effect. More honey is able to slow down the aging process and therefore it is the key to longevity.