Artificial nails during pregnancy

Many pregnant women face such problems as brittle and fragile nails. The appearance of problems with nails occur due to the appearance of a deficiency of beneficial vitamins in the body of a pregnant woman. The future baby needs to receive a certain norm of vitamins and minerals every day. If in the mother’s body there is a lack of the necessary elements, the condition of the nails, skin worsens. Nails of course can decorate a pregnant woman, but you should think about their harm.

Artificial nails, one name of them indicates a lot, as the body will react to this during pregnancy, and whether artificial nails can harm the future baby. The advice of doctors, instead of making artificial nails during pregnancy, it is best to choose complex vitamins that will positively affect not only nails, but also the whole common organism of a pregnant woman. There are special polyvitamins for pregnant women, they perfectly complement the entire deficiency of the necessary elements.

Nails during pregnancy can look in excellent condition, if you regularly eat healthy cereals, various varieties of nuts, dairy and dairy products, cheeses, fresh greens, etc.D. Useful vitamin D, on which the general condition of the nails depends, is contained in a large amount of herring, mackerel, fish oil, salmon.

After improving the diet during pregnancy, it is recommended at home, and special nail care. Carrying through nails during pregnancy is recommended with medicinal creams, enamel, and also should be made regularly therapeutic baths for nails and skin of the hands. If you take measures while taking the nail care during pregnancy, then you can enjoy the well -groomed nails before the baby is born.