Perrier Joulection celebrates a two -hundredth anniversary of the release of a special champagne

Perrier-Jouët this year celebrates its two hundredth anniversary. In order to celebrate this significant date with honor, the company’s management decided to release exclusive champagne Living Legacy (lively inheritance), and also launched a special program.

The Perrier-Joulection program is designed for wealthy customers who want to “convey greetings” to their distant descendants. To do this, the buyer acquires a bottle of sparkling drink Belle Epoque of the 1998 crop-and passes it to the representative of Perrier-Jouët. After that, the bottle enters the cellar of the famous wine house, where it will be stored for 100 years. Through a century, the bottle is transmitted to the direct heirs of the buyer who can enjoy the sophisticated taste of the then old drink.

Similarly, in the near future, only 100 bottles will be implemented, for each of which it will have to be laid out for the sum of champagne, and to be more accurate, then 10,000 euros.

The presentation of this program was made during a luxurious banquet, which was attended by 200 eminent guests. The banquet menu was the same as a hundred years ago, when the centenary of the company was celebrated. Separately, it is worth noting an unusual gorgeous packaging for outstanding champagne.