Automatic transmission or manual transmission which is better automatic or mechanical gearbox

The choice of automatic transmission or manual transmission for everyone, of course, has what is better to choose? This question is especially often faced with women of women, and they make a choice quickly in favor of automatic transmission. This can be explained by the fact that, without driving experience, the automatic transmission allows you not to even worry that at the intersection, the car may not get into the green light, or any other surprise. For auto-raid without driving experience, in this case it is easier on the machine, and you can not remember all the subtleties that they were taught.

With all this, both systems have both their advantages and their minuses.

Gasoline consumption for automatic transmission machines is slightly greater than mechanical, when the first to feel comfortable. If you slip, then in the case of manual transmission may not favorably affect the clutch, but on occasion with the automatic to the car breakdown. But in the case of automatic transmission, due to the uniform distribution of the load on the wheels, it will help you shift smoothly, even how many areas of the road.

You must move out slowly, the car will not axle.

The risk of accident rate increases on the road if an inexperienced woman driver at the manual transmission is driving, especially if she is not in a fret with technology.

During the switching of speeds, part of the attention is lost, especially for a beginner who must control himself. During the start, on a mechanical and automatic box, the first box allows you to start a jerk, so the revolutions are gaining quickly. With an automatic box, the car moves smoothly, but slowly. And with manual transmission, the time is spent on gear shift, therefore, due to the indicators of both, the indicators of both systems are compensated for.

How do cars with different gearboxes behave in traffic? The driver with the manual transmission while driving in the traffic jam constantly switches, and this is who you want, tires, and even more so ladies, and if there is tight clutch pedals, then generally a nightmare.

After such tests, the lady complains of pain in the left leg from tension. Here, on the face, the advantage for cars with automatic transmission, which makes it possible to drive up a little, releasing the brake. So it all depends on you if you are used to the mechanics, he will retrain without problems and on the machine. But if you have mastered the machine from the very beginning, then it is problematic to master the mechanics back to the mechanics. Of course, you may not have to transfer to the manual transmission, but who knows, perhaps there will be a need to reduce. From all that has been said, I can say that a woman automatic gearbox is ideal.