Brown sugar like gold in cooking

Reed sugar is sometimes called a fashionable novelty, of course, you should not object to a healthy lifestyle, but you can argue about the novelty. Reed sweet sweetness appeared in Russia as early as the eighteenth century under Peter the Great. Today, to great happiness, such a wonderful product is available even to ordinary customers. The history of reed sugar is still ongoing, and this is the triumphant procession to the day. In this period of time, sweetness is in demand all over the world, sugar is considered a natural representative of all dishes and drinks, but also as an unchanging component for bakery products, confectionery goodies, icing and ice cream. It is customary to add it to salads and meat dishes, compotes, hot carbonated drinks. It so happened that our mistresses are not always pleased with recipes, with shortage and rigid savings, they do a lot by eye and easily change the ingredients to others. Of course, the virtuosity of such a plan is valued, but sometimes the desired dish does not come out. The fact is that you just can’t prepare a classic version of the dish on which the discoverer spent more than one day, or even a month. Treat the recipes carefully, follow all the norms and then wait for an excellent result. If you decide to relax, you will probably like the Hotel of the Gallery of Tambov, relax your soul and body, and you don’t have to cook anything, as this is included in the list of services. The hotel rooms involve one hundred and five comfortable rooms, the main part of them is one and double rooms of the first category equipped with all amenities.