Fashionable sheepskin coats autumn winter 2015 2016

Such a stylish thing as a sheepskin coat is not only warmly warm and practical in application, it is also able to compete with other fashionable things from outerwear.

Thanks to the huge abundance of models, fashionable sheepskin coats of autumn-winter 2015-2016 are of great interest for the current fashionistas. Starting from more practical and restrained models to more original, with a rich texture and trendy nuances.

Materials used this season.

As before, because of their practicality and good thermal-conserving properties, sheepskin coats are relevant, who can be found for example, for example, on /zhenskie-dublenki.

There are also very unusual models of combined materials, which are an original mixture of fur inserts, knitwear and dense material. There are also models created from natural and artificial materials, and then subjected to impregnation, embossing, decorative spraying and further.

The lineup.

A number of new products are models that perform a more decorative function than warming. You can also note a number of models in a rustic style that have no sleeves and composed of rectangular paintings with a variety of rich finishes. The hit of the season-models in the style of the militarians, with a characteristic cut in the form of aviator jackets.

Also popular is the Moto option – a jacket made of various varieties of natural material, presented in different colors. A number of models are characterized by an unusual cut of sleeves and gates, as well as with longer shelves. The option with a specific fur trim and sleeves is very popular. Models that have a completely unusual look due to spraying and using contrasting materials.

Separately stand trendy sheepskin coats in the oversize style, a distinctive feature of which is the extraordinary convenience of such models. Sheepskin coats with a luxurious flickering surface are usually made in a restrained minimalist style. However, there are a number of models that, with no less rich decoration, are supplemented by expressive details in the form of bright -colored fur stripes, sometimes even frankly screaming flowers. Moreover, they are distinguished by a variety of shapes and decorative elements.

A huge variety of stylistic techniques, complex tucks, modified hoods and huge collars – this is only a few of the many tools of fashion masters presented on the catwalks of this season.

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