French meat recipe with cheese

Cooking meat in French with cheese is very simple! The main rule is that all the ingredients need to be correctly and consistent. The dish is nutritious and perfectly increases physical performance, mental activity and simply tasty. Well, let’s get started.

What is required for cooking:

700 grams of pork (the neck is best)

Onion – two heads

Three tomatoes

200 grams of cheese

Three tablespoons of vegetable oil

To the taste of spices, pepper and salt

The method of cooking meat in French:

Rinse pork and cut into pieces with a thickness of 1 cm. Put one piece to the board, cover with polyethylene and beat off, on both sides, with a kitchen hammer.

Salt each piece, pepper, add spices, I used spices for meat. Grease the baking sheet with vegetable oil and lay out pieces of chopped pork.

Peel and cut into half rings, then put on pork uniform layer. Rinse tomatoes, cut into thin plates, put them on top of the onion. Lubricate the tomatoes with mayonnaise.

On a coarse grater, grate the cheese. I use “Russian”. Put the cheese with an even layer, while do not spare the cheese and send a baking sheet with meat for 25 minutes to the oven, setting in it a temperature of 180 degrees.

Then turn off the oven, but do not get the meat, let him brew for about 15 minutes. After that, remove, put on plates and serve.


Boiled potatoes or salad of fresh vegetables are perfect for French meat in French