Panakota recipe with photo

Panakota is a widely known Italian recipe, translated by panakota means boiled cream.

In order to prepare a panakot, take the following ingredients:

1 liter of cream

150 grams of sugar

1 pack of gelatin

50 g of strawberry jam

Vanilin to taste

A pinch of rosemary

Mint for decoration

Panakota preparation instructions

Pour the cream into the stewpan and put it on the fire, after which we pour sugar and mix well.

As soon as the cream begins to boil add to them the raids and vanillin.

We take gelatin and soak it in cold milk, after which we make hot milk.

Mix the divorced gelatin with boiling cream, stir everything well and remove from the stove.

While the hot mixture is filtered through a sieve and pour the panakota into any molds.

Now we put in the refrigerator for 1 hour so that the panakota cooled and gets a jelly -like consistency.

In order to remove a panakota from the mold, it is necessary to dip it in hot water for a few seconds, after which the dessert can easily be shifted to a suitable dish.

This is how we got a cool panakota, the preparation recipe is very simple, you will definitely succeed.

When you serve the dessert on the table, pour it with syrup or jam, you can also decorate with lemon balm or mint.

Enjoy your meal!