Stylish warm office bows 2017

The creation of new types of women’s clothing is not just an activity, but a whole art. Sewing clothes without a contribution of the soul comes down to conveyor production as a result of which an individual approach to personality and uniqueness are lost.

Today, Ukrainian women’s clothing brands have united highly qualified professors from Lviv and other cities who are ready to realize their great potential in the field of fashion industry. The main goal of designers is to create original and exclusive things that would not be inferior to the analogues of world brands.

Trademark "JHIVA" It works to provide their clients with a variety of directions of fashionable and stylish bow, given the seasonality and weather conditions. All this allows you to create various style combinations that go well with each other.

Fashionables 2017

The autumn collection of fashionable bows is boldly combined with shades of burnt grass and crimson leaves.

Blue and pink colors bring rich contrast to the autumn gamut of colors.

The new trend of the winter season is Fuchsia.New total-rays are made in this color scheme.

Another fashionable shade is Marsala.This color is more combined with white and black classic shades.

It is worth noting that the color palette of the winter collection is very diverse. The classic remained in the trend.

Fashionistas are recommended to purchase things from the texture of velvet. For example, a jacket, coats and trousers made from this luxurious texture look very exquisite. When choosing clothes from this material, it is worth being careful, since visually the texture can increase the waist volume.

Another find among trends is a glossy vinyl, which is more suitable for self -confident fashionistas, striving to look shocking. A brilliant cloak, tight pants and mini-skirts made from this texture give a special charm and attractiveness.

In our JHIVA trademark online store, you can purchase high-quality clothes at optimal prices for every taste.

Knitting, knitted canvases also remain in the trend. This time, designers decided to give comfort, and make an innovation for the collection of the winter season 2017.

Bright knitted coats, cardigans from rustic knitting, costumes with a long skirt and openwork outfits remain in fashion.

For a classic style, a combination of a red pencil skirt and a white blouse is suitable. Black and white shades are considered more conservative, so designers recommend combining different shades for classic onions 2017.