Macaronno shrimp salad

I recommend this salad to all those who love delicious and useful food, the preparation of which does not take much time. Try pasta-cream salad-and you will understand that this recipe is just a miracle! In just half an hour you will prepare a culinary masterpiece.

Ingredients for salad: half a kilogram of shrimp without shell, pasta- 250 grams (any), vegetable oil- 50 grams (ideally olive), sweet bell pepper- 1 piece, juice of half lemon, black oil without a bone, capers, onions, onions throat, salt, pepper, greens.

We boil the shrimp in salt water until cooked, throw them into a colander. Cook pasta, drain water, season with vegetable oil. We throw olives and half the shrimp into the blender, beat. Pour the resulting mixture into pasta.

Finely chop the pepper and onions, in a separate container, mix with the remaining whole shrimp, capers, salt, pepper, add lemon juice and mayonnaise.

Before serving on the table, lay out on a plate on one side of the pasta, on the other – a salad. You can decorate with herbs.

Bon appetit!