Potato salad with salmon fillet and sorrel

For four servings of a delicious salad you will need: potatoes (600 grams), salmon fillet (500 grams), 60 ml. dry wine (white), onion-shawl (1 pcs.), a little oil (olive), and use sea salt (to taste) as spices).Skanel sauce is being prepared for the salad. You need 50 grams of sorrel, approximately 60 ml. oils (olive), 1 h. spoon of honey. As the components of the sauce components, the zest of half the lemon with spices, lemon juice (one h. l.).Peel the onion, place in the selected stewpan, add dry wine. Onions are extinguished in wine so that it completely evaporates. It will take 5 minutes.Potatoes are necessarily cleaned, sorrel needs to be washed. Oil (olive) with sorrel, with a small amount of zest and honey, with lemon juice, is mixed into the blender. Do not forget to pepper and salt a little bit. Boiled and cleaned potatoes are cut with plates, laid out in a salad bowl, mixed with stewed onion onion, then seasoned with half of the cooked sorrel sauce. Salmon fillet is cut into pieces, laid out in a pan with butter (olive). Each side of the salmon fillet must be frying for 1.5 minutes. The finished fillet should be transferred to the dish, then salt and season the remaining part of the sauce. The fried fillet is served immediately, along with a warm salad with potatoes and a shallow onion.