Raw food dishes

Dishes for raw foodists and vegetarians are very diverse, tasty and healthy. The following examples will confirm the correctness of these words.

So, raw food dishes. Portions – two dishes per meal and they are designed for one person. If a meal is from one dish, then it is worth increasing the portion.

1. Green onions with nuts

Take fifty grams of fresh green onion and mix with any nuts in the same amount.

2. Radishes with sour milk (yogurt)

In a glass of natural yogurt, crumble fifteen radishes, add one teaspoon of finely chopped parsley and dill.

3. Pudding from radishes

Grate one hundred grams of radishes (about fifteen), add a little parsley or mint and half a teaspoon of caraway seeds, six tablespoons of chopped nuts, which will be available. Then mix everything thoroughly, give a beautiful shape, decorate with greens and salad leaves.

4. Cucumbers in sour milk

It is necessary to chop one large cucumber and pour it with half a glass of sour milk (or any other fermented milk product). Sprinkle with dill or parsley on top.

Raw food dishes can be supplemented with a salad of three types of vegetables.

To do this, rub the carrots, mix it with finely wiped raw potatoes. Pour the yielded fresh cabbage on top. All vegetables – one tablespoon.

Carrots with potatoes include raw food diets.

Grate one hundred grams of carrots, then mix with one tablespoon of acidic juice and grated raw potato.

You can cook raw soup.

1.Tomatoes and cucumbers soup

Pour three tablespoons of Hercules with sour or fresh milk (ten tablespoons). Let it stand three hours. Then rub the cucumber and tomato on a grater, mix with a swollen herm. Pour a spoon of chopped greens into the mixture.

2.Tomato soup with sour cream

Grate three tomatoes (not very large), mix with a half glass of sour cream. Pour this mixture into Hercules (three tablespoons). Let the mixture stand half an hour. Then add a tablespoon of sour cream and greens.

3. Botvinya

Pour three to four glasses of cut vegetables-cucumber, cabbage, spinach and green onions with two glasses of kvass. Let the mixture stand for thirty minutes. Add sour cream and greens then, mix.

4. Buckwheat with prunes

Sin in three tablespoons of water twelve pieces of prunes. Separately soak three tablespoons of buckwheat. After nine hours, drain water, mix food, add nuts and acidic juice.

Pleasant appetite and successfully prepared raw food dishes!