Fashion books 2015

Interest in reading now, of course, is not the one in the last century. Television, cinema, computers successfully replaced the good old books. However, in our time there are book loves, there are not as few of them as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, one does not need to be surprised that there are fashion trends on reading. They consist of the popularity of publications, which is determined using ratings.

The indisputable leadership is now occupied by an erotic work E.L.James “Fifty Shades of Gray”. Such an interest in the novel is explained by a lack of feelings in a dynamic modern life. The love story of a millionaire Christian Gray and a young student captures the reader from the first pages, forcing to experience the whole path that Anastacia goes, revealing the unknown facets of his beloved. Erotic scenes of the book are not described to attract attention. They harmoniously fit into the narrative. The reader understands that otherwise it is impossible to describe such love.

The great bestseller of the last century does not lose its popularity, the book that received the Nobel Prize – Roman Gabriel Garcia Marquez “A Hundred Years of Loneliness”. This is a narrative about the Buendia clan, in which there are all representatives of modern society: sinners and saints, beautiful women and adventurers, traitors and heroes. A bouquet of passions, incredible events leaves no indifferent one reader.

Detectives always are in particular demand among readers. The next book by Alexandra Marinina “Angels on the ice do not survive” immediately took off to the first lines of the ratings. A confusing, intriguing story about the murder of a figure skating coach forces the reader to look for a killer among colleagues, friends, random acquaintances. Disclose this crime, of course, will be the famous Nastya Kamenskaya.

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