Fashion bangs 2012

Fashion bangs 2012

Bangs are the element of a hairstyle that allows you to add the image of expressiveness, and with its help you can easily change the image without resorting to something cardinal.

Fashion for bangs, of course, is subject to changes. Stylists never leave the bangs beyond their attention and every season offers something new and interesting.

What bangs at the peak of fashion in 2012?

Thick flat bangs in fashion for several seasons in a row. True, now her popularity was somewhat slept, but this does not mean that she is no longer relevant. Such a bang looks especially good with a haircut-kara, as well as with a cascade. Thick and straight bangs in 2012 can have several variations. The first of them is perfectly smooth. To achieve such an effect, the bangs should be laid daily with a hairdryer, and then stretched out with an iron. It is especially important to do this if the hair curls slightly by nature.

The second variation is a slightly twisted bang. You need to lay it with tongs or curlers. However, even with the help of a hairdryer, you can achieve the desired effect.


Torn bangs are especially relevant in 2012. They are able to make even the most ordinary hairstyle more interesting. And torn bangs give the image of mischief and playfulness. The torn bangs are beautiful for those, the owners of the hair of any structure will be able to wear it. Torn bangs are strands that are different in length that frames the face. Torn bangs look slightly careless, but perfectly complement the feminine and romantic image.

Without asymmetry this season is nowhere! Asymmetry is present in outfits, and in haircuts, and in bangs. Asymmetric bangs are going on to almost everyone, which is why it is always so popular. The shape of the asymmetric bangs is clearly not defined and is well combined with both short haircuts and long hair. And asymmetric bangs are beautiful in that they allow many a variety of styling options. Without exaggeration, we can say that asymmetric bangs are very universal. The classic version of laying asymmetric bangs – on the side.

Fashionable bangs

Another trend in the field of hairdressing art is a bang in the form of an arc. Such a bang smoothly and clearly repeats the oval of the face. The shape of such a bang should be just perfect. Therefore, owners of naughty hair will have to try very hard to achieve the desired result, because each hair should lie in their place. The best bangs are combined with a haircut of the page. However, long -haired girls she will also suit.

Bangs 2012

Those who closely monitor fashion shows could not help but pay attention to the fact that many models go to the podium with bangs combed back. In order to wear a bang like this, you need to slightly grow it. On short bangs, such a comb will look unnatural. In order to make such a styling, the bangs need to be combed, give it volume and fix it on the crown. Such a bang will look good both with her hair loose and with hair collected in a horse tail.

It’s no secret that the retro-style returns. Those who are not indifferent to this style can make a haircut with a shortened bang. This is, of course, about the haircuts of the square and the page.

2012 without exaggeration can be called the year of experiments. Experiment! After all, it is the easiest to do with the bangs!

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And you wear a bang? What option to liking?