Proper nutrition of schoolchildren

Schoolchildren especially need proper nutrition. They need products containing many trace elements and vitamins that help to develop a growing body.

On what is the right, that is, healthy nutrition of school -age children?

Eating should be regular

You cannot accustom the child to “intercept” on the go. There should be several meals with snacks between them per day.

The first reception is a nutritious breakfast. Nutritious because the child is expected to load at school. Then a snack in the form of a fruit or a piece of cupcake to replenish energy.

Lunch should be diverse. After it, afternoon snack – baking. Dinner and snack-1-2 hours before bedtime.

Remember that:

The fish should be in the child’s menu 1-2 times a week;

red meat (for example, beef) -1 times a week;

legumes or stuffed vegetables-1-2 times a week;

White meat (for example, chicken) and pasta – on the rest of the days.

We use products related to different food groups. School nutrition should be based on a group of cereals, bread and potatoes. 2 \ 3 diets should include products from coarse flour.

A schoolboy must eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day.

Dairy products should be given to children per day in 3 portions.

Consuming meat, the child receives a lot of useful, including iron.

To properly function the immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems, you need to prepare 2 portions of fish for the student per week.

Fat foods or products containing a lot of sugar give energy to the body, but there are few vitamins in them. You can’t replace food with them.

Useful drinks for school -age children are water and milk. They also do not destroy their teeth. It would be nice to give a glass of liquid – juice, water or milk between meals and between meals. It is better to give juices diluted and only during meals. Do not forget that the body needs fluids when the child is physically active or when hot on the street. Carbonized drinks, such as Coca – Cola, especially with caffeine content, are harmful to children. It prevents the absorption of some vitamins and iron by the body.

The student does not always with a desire fulfill the rules of healthy diet. It needs to be accustomed to them. This is possible with the help of joint dinners and dinners, when the whole family gathers at the table, useful habits are vaccinated.