Culinary dictionary z

Leaven product that helps the propagation of yeast bacteria. Fungers, already risen foods, yeast, and malt can act as a starter culture.

Hare fake classic dish of German cuisine. Arose due to the absence of the third and fourth estates of the rights to food of this game.

Zbozhy name is origin from the Old Russian language. Denotes bread, which is not baked from flour, but from grain – crushed or whole.

Chopping cooking. Used to seal flour products with different fillings. It can be dumplings, dumplings, pies. Each product uses their own methods of reference.

Strawberries National Russian Berry. She is often confused with strawberry garden. Strawberries contains more iron, but less fluid.

Zabelka General name for all dairy. They are usually served to soups – hot and cold. Milk, cream, yogurt and as the most popular option are used as a wildness – sour cream.

Custard dough is a special type of dough, during the preparation process of which – usually at the beginning – part of the flour or all used is poured with boiling water. It is the process of pouring flour with boiling water that is called brewing. This method of preparation takes more time than the preparation of ordinary yeast dough.

The old original Russian name of the dessert, adopted in the late XVII – early XVIII centuries.

The concepts are consuming the concept in folk Belarusian cuisine. Denotes the entire range of products that create the main taste of dishes, as well as aroma and nutrition.

To heal the term indicating the giving the finished product of aesthetic and appetizing appearance. It can be meat or poultry products, as well as flour. They need a golden brown crust of golden brown color, king.

A snack of dishes served at the very beginning of the feast, its gastronomic discovery. Necessary to prepare for the supply of the main dish of the stomachs of lunch.

The filling name of dishes prepared from boiled foods, more often meat or fish. It differs in that the cooked products are poured with frozen broth in jelly -like state.

The hall so in cooking is a certain type of Caspian herring. Prepare it usually by cold smoking. Fish dimensions: length – from half a meter to 70 centimeters, width – from the palm.

Casserole culinary term with two values. The first is the combinations of products baked in the oven or in a pan. Each component must be crushed, often to the puree state.

Refueling a certain substance or mixture added to a dish to improve its taste and smell.

Sawing the appearance of sugar crystals in the mass of sweet blanks – syrup, jam, jam. For various products, it can be both positive and negative phenomenon.

Salting the traditional conservation method. Products suitable for salting – mushrooms, vegetables, meat, fish.

Zephir first emerged in French cuisine, based on the principles of preparing Russian pastille. In addition to fruit and berry puree, eggs, butter and sugar are added.

Zrazy East European dish, belongs to Lithuanian national cuisine. Initially, the dish was prepared from the “residues” – all that can be found in the kitchen.

The name of the name comes from the Udmurt word “zyrana” – what is smeared.

Zitotechnology method of brewing, used in ancient Greece.

Zira is popular spice. There are three varieties of Zira – Kandagar (Afghanistan and Pakistan), Pamir and ground.

Zelter water name comes from the name of the village of Neterezelters, located near the city of EMS.

The dinner in this term has two meanings – historical and modern. Historical, Old Russian – lunch the day after the wedding passing in the husband’s house. Only close relatives and friends were present.

Wroll, eggs that cannot be used for cooking. Spoiled, but not rotten – just stale, forced.

ZARTRA Name of various flour products that were diluted with water for the preparation of a variety of kvass, wines and beer.

Potion, potion Old Russian name of all acute seasonings for plant -based dishes, spices. The concept of “potion” meant “bitter”.

The name is used in Belarusian folk cuisine. Denotes the entire range of powdery products that are used to thicken the dish. It can be both directly flour and starch, mashed potatoes or bran.

Baking culinary process, included in nine main. Baking can be open, closed and brief.