Fashionable perfumes 2014

Most women are preparing for the new season in advance. It is necessary to choose fashionable clothes, shoes to be stylish, keep up with the times. An equally important element, worthy of the end of the image should be perfume. EDP ​​will help you find your fashionable perfume.

At the peak of popularity will be amazing perfumes Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC. This perfume perfectly reflects all the main qualities of a modern lady. Fresh unique smell emphasizes the independence, determination, energy, which is so characteristic of women of our time. An amazing bouquet of bergamot, apple and peach fascinates, and plum, black currant, peony and jasmine harmoniously complement the aroma.

Fashionistas have long been looking forward to the appearance of the novelty from the brand Tom Ford – Sahara Noir. It is ideal for fans of oriental smells. In this exquisite perfumery, the aromas of grapefruit, tangerine, bergamot, tobacco, black pepper, cedar are remarkably combined.

Another exotic perfume was presented by the father of the famous company BYredo Ben Gorhem. These perfumes are called Black Saffron. They are created according to ancient Indian traditions. The basis of the composition is woody notes, which are a kind of highlight of a delicate bouquet of saffron, rose, raspberries, juniper, violets, pomelo.

Women sensual, sophisticated should pay attention to the spirits of Miss Dior. This sweet pleasant aroma even in severe frost will give warmth and freshness of spring.

Ladies are elegant, preferring a perfume in which passion is expressed only by a barely noticeable note, the toilet water Valentino Acqua Floreale is suitable. In them, the aroma of orange flowers is successfully intertwined with the smells of bergamot, tuberosis and jasmine.