Actual wardrobe of this season Trengchi

Relevant, fashionable and stylish – a trench coat in the wardrobe of the fashionistas. How the model is modified from season to season. What should be the trench coat this year, fashion shades, decor and socks.

So autumn came with its cold and windy days, so the trenches came into fashion again. It is much more pleasant to emphasize your image with an elegant style than every time to wrap up in duffla and parks. Trenges deservedly won the title of best clothing for the offseason. They are a double -breasted cloak equipped with shoulder straps and an overwhelming collar. Consider the most popular models of this fall.

Actual and universal clothing

The classic is presented in the form of a double -breasted model of a cream shade with large buttons and a knee length. Such a tile goes well with jeans, shoes of dark shades, as well as accessories of different colors. Depending on the weather, it is worn unbuttoned or fastened with all buttons. Many stylists attribute this type of clothing to the practical element of the wardrobe. We must pay tribute that the variable trends of fashion do not affect him, so you can safely go for his purchase.

The trend of the season

Classic, of course, is always in fashion, but every year clothes acquires its own highlight. Similarly, and the coaches were transformed this season. Denim’s models decorated with a print of leopard drawings, zebra, etc. gained popularity.D. Not everyone can purchase a similar element of the wardrobe, because designers boldly overstate prices only for their label, but on the Overlock website you can purchase a sewing machine that will help create trend things yourself.

Unusual shade

In recent years, an aristocratic wine tint has come into fashion. It may seem too dark or unremarkable to someone, but this is not the case. Burgundy shade or Bordeaux will be a real discovery for fashionistas, which will pleasantly surprise and please. Unlike classic, such models demonstrate a space that allows experimenting.

Twins can be created from coarse wool, not have a double row of buttons, but can fully comply with double -breasted models. Under such a burgundy trench coat, it is best to choose the clothes of classic colors-black or dark blue. The main thing is to adhere to a conservative dress code and you will look at the height.

Fashion is very fleeting. Shades, styles change every season. Many do not have time for such quick changes. In this case, it is worth giving preference to classics, which, regardless of the weather and the year, remains popular and practical. The trench coat in this aspect is an example of the type of clothing that must be in the wardrobe.