Solyanka al Selyanka? Soup Al Casserole?

Probably not a single dish causes as much controversy as everyone is well -known, and at the same time unknown hodgepodge. Firstly, there is no common opinion that it is, in fact, such? The first or second is this dish? The same historian in. IN. Pokhletkin first writes that “hodgepods are thick sharp soups”, and literally a few lines after a few lines himself clarifies that “Supa hodgepods, unlike them, similar to the recipe of salt and second dishes that do not have liquid and baked in pans, are called liquid SOLIKS “.

Some argue that this dish was originally called the “villager”, while others (the same Pokhletkin) say that the term “solyanka” existed back in the 16th century, and the name “villagers” appeared only in 19, but already in the twentieth century “Solyanka »Finally replaced the” villagers “. So the very history of the appearance is no less mysterious than their original recipe.

However, God is with her, history. To date, this name has firmly entrenched in two types of dishes. The first is the first, in the sense, soup. Well, the second is, of course, the second. These dishes are also called, respectively, with liquid honeycombs, and thick hodgers. And there are a huge number of recipes for both liquid and dense variations.

Liquid, or hodgepods-soups are meat, fish and mushroom. The meat hodgepodge is prepared from several types of meat, boiled and (or) fried, sausages, smoked meats, solonins. The same mixture, only from different varieties of fish, is present in fish dishes. I will only add that for fish hodgers they prefer to use valuable varieties of fish – salmon, or sturgeon. About mushroom options, I think everyone has already guessed. Indeed, mushrooms are fresh, salty, dried mushrooms are especially appreciated, as they give a more aromatic and rich broth. All hodgers are abundantly flavor with spices, add olives, salty and pickled cucumbers, lemon … You can list it to infinity. In general, the preparation of this dish provides any culinary culinary for any scope for creativity.

As for the thick hodgepodge, it is traditionally prepared from cabbage stewed or baked in the oven. Also, meat products, fish or mushrooms are used as components. They prepare a vegetable hodgepodge, however, vegetables are added to both meat and fish. Very tasty, it turns out when adding potatoes to the recipe. And, of course, do not forget about the spices and seasonings that are very important for the first hot dishes.

So you may not be shy to create when cooking both soups and second dishes. It is not necessary to take labor -intensive restaurant recipes as a basis, there are traditional homemade hodgers, highly appreciated by ordinary people and gourmets. The main thing is that any hodgepodge is a tasty and nutritious dish, which will be in the place both on the festive and on the everyday table.