For tea

We present to your attention one more excellent application for blueberries – blueberry cake. Lovers of this forest berry will definitely appreciate this masterpiece.

We bring to your attention another good recipe for honey cake. According to this recipe, the cake is always very tasty and delicate.

This cake is truly home, since it is prepared for the whole family with love and is very suitable for family tea. Such a cake is considered a type of chocolate cake.

Sanny casserole will be a great dish for breakfast for your family. As practice shows that even children who do not like semolina will surely love a semolina.

Eclair is a truly French dessert of custard dough with cream. The creation of this masterpiece is attributed to the French culinary warehouse Marie-Antoine Karemu.

This is a legendary cake, which is very easy to prepare. It always turns out very tasty, and nuts can be changed to any others that you love.

Great cookies that are made very quickly and turns out to be very tasty.

There are a lot of various variations of preparing this cake, but I present to your attention the most delicious. Prepare and you yourself can verify this.